My name is Anita J Kirkpatrick. I am passionate about photography and am sharing that passion through teaching, photographic art, children’s educational, and inspirational books using my photographs. I use my creative skills to make unique and customised photographs for businesses for use in advertising on websites, social media or leaflets.

I have a series of educational children’s books based on River View Farm – our ‘home’ farm. Titles so far ‘The Story of Silage’, My first ABC on River View Farm and Colours of River View Farm. All available through me or blurb.

I am based in Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, but I can travel!


Pricing for photography

My photography is based on your needs! Everyone is different in what they would like during their photo shoot and how they will display their cherished photos. Please call me to discuss what you would like and I can structure my pricing to suit.

Phone 00 44 28 8953 1686

Cellphone 00 44 78 7156 1616

Email anita j kirkpatrick (AT)

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