I offer a number of presentations for events; these can be ‘sit and listen to’, or active teaching with hands on cameras. I have previously spoken at Women’s Institutes, Irish Country woman Associations, Rotary, at Senior Centres, to camera clubs and women’s groups.

Title of Presentations:

A journey around the South Island of New Zealand – talk covers main towns/cities in South island, mainly photographs. Lasts 1-1.5 hours

Backpacking around the world – illustrated talk about places visited when backpacking – Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. About 1.25 hours.

Make your own photo book. 2 hours

An Introduction to visiting South West Iceland – 1 hour. Photographs.

My Photography. Covers a selection of my photographic work with portraiture, sports, landscape and my progression to making my own children’s educational book series based on our home farm as well as inspirational books. 1 hour.

Living through the Christchurch, New Zealand Earthquakes – 2010 and 2011. Up to 1 hour

I teach photography locally in Co. Fermanagh and I would be happy to travel to teach at other camera clubs and Photographic Societies. I could also lead a field trip to local places of photographic interest. I can also judge competitions. 

Presentations on the following:

Depth of Field / Aperture

Shutter speed


Night Photography

Landscape and Use of Filters


HDR – a basic introduction

Know the buttons on your camera

Types of Lenses

How to make photo books

Black and white photography

Introduction to Photoshop (CS6)

Introduction to Nik Software

Just ask me about any other aspects of photography you might like covered. I may not have a presentation ready but I should be able to create one!

Please contact me directly to check my availability and speaker fee. Thanks, Anita